Raleigh Roofing Installation & Repair

We are a highly honest and dependable Raleigh roofing company that specializes in roof installation as well as repairing older roofs. How can you tell if you may need a new roof or just repair your current roof? It depends, but it really comes down to how old your current roof is and how bad the damage and leaks are. If your roof is less than 10 years old, (technically) you should not be having major issues with it. Unfortunately, on a daily basis, we see many issues with newer roofs as well. This is usually because the roofing company cut corners and tried to rush through the job when the home was being built. Same with siding.

How do you know if you need a new roof or the current roof repaired? The answer comes down to will it be less expensive to repair or replace. In our initial inspection, we will be able to give you the options that will guide your decision.

Signs You Need Roof Repair Or Replacement

  1. Roof leaks
  2. Missing or loose shingles
  3. Loose or exposed nails
  4. Flashing or caulking damage
  5. Buckling roof
  6. Sagging roof

How Do I Know If It Is A Roof Leak Or Just The Plumbing?

We are a general contractor, so we have knowledge with many things, not just roofing. We know the quality of pipes that are used in homes and can tell you if your’s are something to be concerned about. During your initial inspection, we will try to determine the source of the leak.

Keep in mind, if the leak appears only while raining, then it should be your roof. There is chance it could be the siding as well.

I Can’t Find Where The Leak Is Coming From!

Yes, to the untrained eye, it can be hard to track down a roof leak. The reason being is that water takes the path of least resistance. When the water penetrates the roof or siding, it comes in and rolls around the sheetrock of your ceiling and finds a weak area to penetrate. In addition, water can travel on beams and drop down in random areas. So, the leak could be coming in far from where it is actually becoming visible in your home. That is why a roof and siding inspection is a must to determine the problem area.


I am always nervous when hiring someone to fix things in my home. Anthony and his company have gained 100% of my trust because they were extremely honest and also educated me on what was going on. They were very knowledgable. I highly recommend them. -Matt