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We repair and install a lot of roofs. The number one issue we see is neglect. Most people think that you can just leave your roof alone and it will be fine for X number of years. That is not the case. Your roof should be inspected every year or so and problem areas should be fixed. Why you may ask? If your roof is neglected the issues will get worse and become much more severe. Then, instead of just having a roof to fix you may need rotten wood repair, mold remediation (if the water finds it's way inside), and many other repairs. The roof protects your entire home and the importance of its maintenance should not be taken lightly. Take action now and save a lot of money in the future!


Like roofing issues your gutters can cause a lot of costly damage to your home if not taken care of properly. If the water in your gutters can not flow freely it will eventually find its way in your home. This can lead to rotten wood, mold, and other issues.

Mold Remediation

All homes contain a little amount of mold in certain areas. Problems with your roof, gutters, or other key areas may create a toxic mold situation. If you think you may have a mold problem we can inspect your home. If your home contains toxic levels of mold we offer mold remediation services to contain and extract the toxic material.

Home Remodeling

Have you been dreaming about "the perfect kitchen"? How about a new sun room? Want to update the look of your home? We are a leading North Carolina home improvement contractor that has major experience remodeling homes of all value and sizes.

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